ESSEDARII SRL SB is a Benefit Company that is developing an App, called WeGlad, that aims to gather reliable data concerning the accessibility of indoors & outdoors, of facilities and streets, to ease mobility and autonomy of people with various mobility impairments. Along with the map and intelligent navigation system, WeGlad is also creating a community and a virtual space, similar to a social network, that wants to catalyze connections, information, and interactions between normal-bodied people and people with difficulties and disabilities, for a major and more aware social inclusion.

WeGlad was born to:

  • Solve the heavy problems concerning the mobility of people with disabilities in the cities;
  • Remove social barriers by extending the solution to all citizens through engaging tools and rewarding paradigms such as gamification and educational content;
  • Be a valid ally for Municipalities and Public Administrations by enabling them to track the urban accessibility status and its issues, generating new innovative solutions.


ESGnext is an innovative start-up created by RW Group.
It operates in the field of sustainable development and analyzes ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicators regarding the company’s impact on the environment, society and corporate governance, with the aim of supporting companies in all phases of the preparation of the sustainability report, but also throughout the process of approaching a sustainable path.

This new reality aims to support companies in the management of sustainability within the company through activities of: assessment, training, communication and management of sustainability data thanks to the software “Elyze”. This software can manage, monitor and represent sustainability data.


Incomedia was founded in 1998, out of a passion for technology shared by two brothers, Federico and Stefano Ranfagni, and their belief that technology should always exist to serve people. The next phase started in 2000, when a friend asked, “I’m not a programmer but I want to launch a website. Can you help me?”. It may have seemed crazy, but during a trip one hot summer day, the core idea for what would become WebSite X5 was born. This software, as intuitive as it is comprehensive, would allow anyone, even the inexperienced friend, to create their own website in just 5 steps.Today, WebSite X5 is sold all around the world, and we are still excited to keep developing it and to seek new software and solutions.


Young, dynamic, keep learning and technological: that’s the world AlphaWaves loves! AlphaWaves people live to innovate, create what does not exist, and be proud of what they do.

AlphaWaves was born in 2020, straight in the middle of the storm. We are the sons of the storm. The AlphaWaves’ journey starts long before its foundation. Alessandro and Alessio are professionals and academics. They love to be independent, to be free to imagine the world they want to live in and make it real. The moment they met, they agreed on that! After years of hard work in industry and academia, they gave birth to AlphaWaves!

Since its first day of life, AlphaWaves is committed to solving problems others cannot, to satisfy every customer’s need, and to serve innovation. The AW-team grows day by day. We collaborate with many professionals from different fields of the ICT world. Our internal team is made of passionate people that love technology.


Started up in 2017, Aimage is an innovative startup that develops high-tech digital products and services using a proprietary platform based on artificial intelligence.
Our core business is the Chatbot, a real virtual assistant capable of reproducing a conversation and understanding human language. The artificial intelligence we have developed intends to improve the company-user relationship. Through a chat, a real man-machine conversation is recreated in which the bot solves the most frequent problems and doubts of users. Companies, on the other hand, optimize management costs and find new solutions for customer care.

Proprietary technology and market presence have allowed Aimage to acquire the necessary know-how to differentiate the commercial proposal into a product with different application areas: customer care, booking, lead generation.

P.I. Computers

P.I. Computers s.r.l. it is based in Alessandria and specializes in consulting for the business organization management of SMEs and Public Administration. We help companies by studying and automating all business areas to improve their management and simplify their processes.
In particular:
ERP management systems: we create systems that integrate all the most important processes, from administration to production. We collaborate in the development of the TARGET-CROSS multi-platform software
CRM: we collaborate in the development of the OMNIS-CRM software that allows you to effectively organize all processes, from the first meeting to sales and assistance.
Public Administration: we are partners and suppliers of Certified Software (SISCOM) for the P.A. We provide solutions in the field of economic, financial, administrative, demographic and tax services
Privacy: we assist organizations for all legal, organizational and technological activities required by the GDPR.
Training: we are a consultancy structure specializing in the analysis of business needs and the development of training courses. We assist companies in training financed by interprofessional funds (Fondo For.Te – Fondimpresa – Fonservizi)
KETs (Key Enabling Technologies):
In the context of digital transformation we are investigating the topics related to Cyber security, internet of things, System integration and Big data by planning investments in solutions based on AI and Blockchain


In 2011 we launched the MyVirtuoso Home and RTCA (Real Time Cost Allocator) projects with the aim of developing, through an innovative home management system, added value for the energy provider market. In 2016 we added the IoB (Internet of Boilers) project and several devices using M2M NB-IoT and Sigfox networks.
More than 350 man years of development have been invested in the project.
The most important Italian gateway installation for energy efficiency (1500 gateways in service).
Over 20,000 digital thermostatic heads installed and the knowledge of the problems of adapting them to the valves available on the market make Smartdhome the Italian company with the greatest expertise in this area.
Active collaborations with the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Pavia to develop a new range of energy indicators.
350 trained installers capable of managing our systems throughout Italy.
An open platform capable of integrating third-party solutions and products (e.g. household appliances, HVAC systems, networked IOT devices, etc.).
A team of 15 people engaged in the development of the key technologies of our solutions.
The only solution ready for the market, gateway plus centralized CRM platform, available in Europe – 60 days to be online from the start of the project.

Hippocrates Technologies

Hippocrates Technologies co-develops digital health solutions and is working on a ‘platform builder’ – an open digital lab that allows other companies and organizations to independently develop their own solutions in 1/10th of the time and with half the overall cost, using the best technologies the mobile and cloud world can offer.
The digital lab includes a set of advanced software development tools to accelerate and simplify the development of digital health solutions for other developers, researchers, students and even non-technical users.
Solutions deployable with our platform builder include Mobile Health and Medical IoT with support for wearable/implantable devices, virtual care, telemedicine, virtual trials and virtual medical research.

Our products:

Secure Cloud: Rapid application development (RAD) service for cloud-enabled, GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant, Big Data- and AI-ready mobile health software. It offers a turnkey Front-end and Back-end as a Service (F+BaaS) infrastructure, thus reducing development costs to less than half and time-to-market to one-tenth.

Develop: Co-development/co-creation service for mobile health applications that leverages the Secure Cloud technology (above) and offers expert support for the development of the IP (intellectual property, in other words the proprietary innovation) part of a digital health solution.



Robson S.r.l. is a micro enterprise founded in 2015 to create IoT solutions oriented to the control of production plants, automatic systems, machines and equipment, even in outdoor contexts.

Our experiences in automation and development of test systems, combined with the development of cloud software solutions, complete our offer of robust and innovative solutions.


Etiqa was founded in 2014 from the idea that quality is an essential element in every phase of the development process. We combine Silicon Valley’s quest for innovation and working methods with European standards, according to European regulation, compliance and complexity. We work in synergy on the American and the Italian market, with two operating headquarters.

Our Business

  • Full stack Development and Quality Assurance
  • Extensive experience in compliance, privacy and security challenges for risk averse clients
  • 2 offices: Turin and San Francisco

Industries we work with
Healthcare, pharma, insurance, automotive and e-commerce.