Individual motor rehabilitation project integrated with motivational tools and objective qualifiers.


RiMotivAzione aims at improving the rehabilitation process of patients with motor disabilities, making available multiple technologies integrated in a single platform with the ultimate goal of motivating patients to carry out the rehabilitation program through the use of sensors, exercises in the form of gamification, conversational interfaces, measurable and shared definition of outcomes.

Target markets

  • Rehabilitation centers




24 Months


Industrial research and / or experimental development projects


Koinè sistemi

CELI - Language Technology


San Camillo IRCSS

IIT - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia


Project value

€ 738.735


This project was included in the strategic research agenda 2016 of the ICT Innovation Pole, funded under the 2016 "Innovation Poles" Call, Line A, POR FESR 2014-2020 of Piedmont and carried out with the help of resources from the European Development Fund Regional (ERDF), the Italian State and the Piedmont Region.

Expected result

The project, through an IT platform, will make tools and technologies usable in order to accelerate the motor rehabilitation process of patients suffering from trauma or disability.

Why is it innovative?

The main innovation is the combined integration of the technologies used (Sensors, Gamification, Chatbot) and clinical validation through the measurement of rehabilitation objectives with standard protocols and the use of ICF qualifiers.

Who uses it and how does it change people’s lives?

The integrated software platform allows Healthcare Professionals to create personalized projects with objective measurements, configuring paths that indicate to the Patient the “what to do today”.

The Patient will receive continuous assistance support without increasing costs for hospital structures.

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