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AIM2 is an AI on the Edge solution, a complete platform that, leveraging Deep Learning and Computer Vision, can extract insights from video analysis in an industrial environment and warn about un-safe/risky situations, allowing real-time decisions where timing to make actions matters.

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Agile Lab
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This solution is helpful for those companies who want to preserve the Safety of their workers but also want to equip their employees in a 5.0 environment.
Companies need to verify in real-time if the employee is wearing safety clothing, authorize or deny access to a restricted area of the industry, allow or not the use of specific machinery and visualize statistics of violations.


Aim2 is a solution suitable for a new concept of an industrial environment (e.g. manufacturing, utilities) where employees can work safely with machinery and other tools: it consists of a set up made of intelligent cams at fixed points and VR visors that can observe the context and extract particular insights from the video analysis, leveraging the power of Computer Vision.

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