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Wlan Business Forum
The event has beenchosen by AgCom as perfect occasionto announce the details of the so much discussed regulation for the WiMax licences assignment.
Highlighting pros and cons of how much was learned, the comparison, animated of the main players and the most preeminent experts of the TLC world, hasn’t stopped theoretically perspectives of the market, with analysis of the normative orientations and the future that will come, but has finally outlined a structured reality and upcoming, with the first solutions and the appearance of new interrogatives, in front of one crucial scenario is in continuance, neccesary evolution.
Since the first edition, the excellence of the conferences has been the flagship of the event. The main sector experts, analysts, operators,international institutions and associations collaborate and participate actively in the conference program, that indicates the evolutionary frame and the principle trends in several emerging sectors.
During the conference the main issues to be discussed are the following:
  • Incentivating the improvement of M2M technologies in the global market: local politics and new pro-diffusion strategies
  • Market overview and M2M-market trends

    SMART SENSORS: market and new applications


22 April


Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel - San Donato (Milano)