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Tierra approach in facing the “new normal”

Tierra approach in facing the “new normal”

During the current Covid-19 crisis, Tierra has been able to keep on carrying out most of its activities, ensuring the continuity of its business and its customers’ one, minimizing as much as possible the issues we all have to address during these challenging times. We have been putting in action various security and organizational measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff.

Since the beginning of March, the employees who wished to work from home were left free to do so. When lockdown was declared by the Government, as a Company we also suspended temporarily logistics and road tests, that is the only activities that could not be carried out remotely.

Tierra always puts great attention on personnel. In particular during these exceptional times, we have been monitoring the opinions, comfort, and thoughts of the staff through different surveys, using SurveyMonkey. These tools have been helping the company to understand how the situation was evolving and how the staff was addressing it, what were the main difficulties, worries, challenges to overcome, but also if there were any advantages and suggestions that could be taken into account to manage smart working opportunities even once the covid-19 crisis will be over.

Using video communication software such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, we kept in touch with each other and made the most of smart working, by organizing online meetings within the company and with our customers, but also by attending training sessions.

Our CEO, Paolo Traso, scheduled several regular meetings organized in small groups to keep in touch with Tierra employees, even if remotely, and update them on the trend of activities and projects, but of course, also to check on them and answer their questions.

A series of Webinars dedicated to all Managers was held to discuss the skills that will be necessary to “restart” in a new way, to give them the tools to determine different ways to communicate and relate to others.

To stay in contact among us beyond work-related subjects, we created a specific card on Basecamp meant to be a carefree zone where everyone was free to choose if and how to participate. We published useful information about what seemed interesting and worth sharing to help each other face the temporary new way of living, but also more playful contents to simply keep on interacting with each other.

Tierra re-opened its premises in May for strictly necessary activities only, and always in compliance with the security guidelines (thermal scanner at the entrance, distancing between workstations, and so forth). The attending of an anti-covid training to be completed online was made compulsory before being able to go back to our headquarters. Since September, all Tierra employees are invited to return to office at least once a week to gradually go back to normality.

Tierra people have been showing great sense of responsibility, creativity and adaptability towards the new working context. We have been enforcing all measures necessary to guarantee the safety of our personnel and all our teams have been up and running to keep on providing our customers with the same reliable products, services and assistance.