Met: Alcatel-Lucent, IMS Convergent Applications

Alcatel-Lucent is looking for SME for research

Two types of cooperation are envisaged:

  • bi-lateral collaboration agreement, in which Alcatel partly funds the SME research.
  • joint participation in research projects financed by third parties, in France (RNRT, R&D clusters) or Europe (IST, CELTIC)

Alcatel – Lucent France Villarceaux’s R&I department is seeking SME expertise for their IMS Convergent Applications project.

This project focuses on new application concepts, the creation of new intellectual properties, product design in the field of IMS terminals, and application servers targeting both mobile and landline users.

Main areas covered by the project are:

  • IP communications and new uses
  • IMS and Web 2.0 combinations
  • promoting awareness of services and their delivery in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  • session continuity enabling users to merge different types of communication and media services
  • ambient services.

Associated keywords: Internet, VoIP, mobile Internet, new uses, communication services, contextual services, electronic messaging, web services, Web 2.0, SOA, SDP.

A plenary session is planned in which SMEs will propose their expertise and large-scale enterprises will explain their business needs.
This will be followed by an informal discussion session and/or the possibility of private meetings.


17 October


H: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Where: Paris / région Parisienne (tbd)