Annual Conference: Forum Euro-Latinoamericano

Public-private partnerships for knowledge-based regional development

The Conference
The Conference’s multilateral character will foster an articulated work of the institutions which compose the public and private, educational and entrepreneurial network within the participant regions.
The diversity of significant experiences, in relevant technological and management areas, will ensure the advanced knowledge exchange.
The previous preparation (setting-up common expectations and desired results of the participants implied in the working sessions) will stimulate the development of international cooperation projects.
The Forum represents a channel, through which Regions can find "partners" and resources (human, commercial and financial) to carry out entrepreneurial actions that contribute to achieve knowledge-based competitiveness strategies.
The main objective of the Turin Euro-Latin American Forum is to convene the main public and private institutional players interested in the use of knowledge and technological tools in the local development of Latin America and Europe in order to:
  • Share advanced knowledge to improve the sustainable development of each participant region.
  • Expand the technological and economical cooperation opportunities between the various agencies and institutions participating in specific scientific-technological themes.
  • Pool together specialised services proposed by the participating regions, their economic agents and universities.
Torino Wireless nel Forum
The Torino Wireless District will take part actively in the conference’s works in several parts:
  • Thematic Workshop II
    Integrating competencies to develop innovative products: The TTW, EPS and SEAC02 Cases (More…)
    • Claudio GIULIANO, Innogest Capital
    • Massimiliano GRANIERI, Fondazione Torino Wireless
    • Vincenzo POZZOLO, I3P
  • Networks in technological areas: INFOMOBILITY
    Intelligent Traffic/Transport Systems (ITS) applies information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide solutions for traffic and mobility of people and goods.
    • Paolo Balistreri and Matteo Antoniola, Torino Wireless (Italy)
    • TBD, Metropolis (Barcelona)
  • Management projects



24 October


26 October


Where: Castello del Valentino, Torino