AWorld Srl SB is a startup and benefit corporation that developed an innovative sustainability-centered solution that brings together education, engagement, impact measurement and behavioral change.
The startup’s activities are primarily focused on the AWorld Platform project, a solution built on a serverless technological infrastructure based on microservices.

The company developed its own methodology called IMPACT ENGAGEMENT ™ that allows companies and institutions to inform, educate, track and encourage stakeholders (clients, employees, citizens, students, public) on environmental, social, economical and personal sustainability topics, promoting the creation of a sustainability culture.

The mother product is “AWorld in Support of ACTNOW”, a mobile application developed according to the Impact Engagement Methodology (Awareness, Engagement, Impact) that was chosen by the United Nations as the official app in support of ACT NOW, the global campaign against climate change. The app guides people towards a more sustainable lifestyle by using gamification techniques that create a community and by measuring the positive impact of actions.


Whiteready strengthens and protects your Internet presence through networking, internet-working, hosting, housing services, virtual machine and virtual private server. Due to our experience on Data Centers we specialize on Cyber Security Security Assessment and Penetration Test. From the beginning, security for Whiteready is not a collateral service to offer to customers, but the foundation of its presence on the net, thanks to their data centres in Italy and the UK. Hosting a small company site, hosting an e-commerce portal or advanced cloud services, with Whiteready you can have the assurance of real customized assistance: neither robots, bots nor automated chats, but only professionals able to respond promptly to your requests.


Edilclima is an Italian company founded in 1977 as an HVAC design company headquartered in Borgomanero (NO).

Starting from 1978 it was the first company to establish a Software Division to produce calculation software supporting the design of HVAC technical systems and their legal requirements compliance check. Edilclima Software and Engineering Divisions have a common goal: provide specialized services for professionals of AEC industry.

The technical expertise achieved during over 40 years research and development of design solutions for HVAC engineering, the wide range and the high quality of the supporting services such as free technical support, training courses and webinar, have turned Edilclima into a reference for more than 15.000 professionals in the HVAC sector.

In the past few years Edilclima has established strategic partnership with specialized companies, including Autodesk (CAD, BIM), Dartwin (Mold Simulator) and ZWSoft (CAD 2D and 3D), in order to complete the solutions portfolio.

Taking care of customer needs, continuous improvement of personal skills and environment sustainability are three of the most important corporate values that inspire Edilclima to produce advanced software solutions.


Support to business innovation: management consulting, prototyping and product development.

– Digital transformation
– IP strategic management
– Process optimization & ICT
– Temporary CTO

– ICT feasibility and prototyping
– IoT smart-products development
– ICT Product development


In 2011 we launched the MyVirtuoso Home and RTCA (Real Time Cost Allocator) projects with the aim of developing, through an innovative home management system, added value for the energy provider market. In 2016 we added the IoB (Internet of Boilers) project and several devices using M2M NB-IoT and Sigfox networks.
More than 350 man years of development have been invested in the project.
The most important Italian gateway installation for energy efficiency (1500 gateways in service).
Over 20,000 digital thermostatic heads installed and the knowledge of the problems of adapting them to the valves available on the market make Smartdhome the Italian company with the greatest expertise in this area.
Active collaborations with the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Pavia to develop a new range of energy indicators.
350 trained installers capable of managing our systems throughout Italy.
An open platform capable of integrating third-party solutions and products (e.g. household appliances, HVAC systems, networked IOT devices, etc.).
A team of 15 people engaged in the development of the key technologies of our solutions.
The only solution ready for the market, gateway plus centralized CRM platform, available in Europe – 60 days to be online from the start of the project.


DGS provides valuable services and solutions in Cyber Security, Digital Solutions and Management Consulting fields, supporting large customers in the full exploitation of new enabling technologies for security and business development.

Specialized in strategic consultancy, design, development, integration, implementation and maintenance of complex solutions and infrastructures based on all the major technologies on the market, the DGS offer covers the entire ICT value chain.

With the business line of Mangement Consulting, DGS has extended the field of application of management consulting services to ICT Strategy and Governance, in the areas of strategy, governance and process engineering, already offered in Cyber and Data Protection field. DGS builds ERP, CRM, SCM, Big Data, Analytics solutions focused on Microsoft technologies, included the ComplEtE suite (, a new generation end-to-end solution offered in SaaS mode on Azure and natively integrated with Microsoft ERP, CRM and IoT components.

Thanks to investments in Research and Development, DGS experiments with the most innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Quantum Computing, in the most varied sectors: circular economy, agri-food chain, cyber-physical Supply Chain, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0. DGS is part of START 4.0, one of the 8 Competence Center envisaged by the Ministry of Develop

Santer Reply

Santer Reply is a company of the Reply group, started up in 2002 from the privatization of Territorial Healthcare, Local Public Administration and pharmaceutical Government divisions belonging to a Public “inHouse” ICT Company: Lombardia Informatica. In 2009 Santer acquired the “Motorola RD Centre” of Torino, so extending the business to innovation on “Internet of Things” domain, advanced payment platforms, and also leading Santer Reply to become reference R&D Faciity for the whole Repy Group. This enabled Reply Group to significantly increase the investment on R&D, towards new platforms, new technologies, and giving to Santer Reply the opportunity to extend reference market to the national and international scenario.

Net Surfing

Netsurf is a company founded in 1995 in Ivrea, Northern Italy, by a group of professionals coming from Olivetti’s Research and Development department. Its founders have worked in the IT industry for many years, with specific know-how and hands-on experience in design, development, testing and planning.
Netsurf is the reference IT partner for the companies working on Asset Management And Facility Management in Italyensuring complete functional coverage, including mobile business processes in sectors like Utilities, Pharma and Automotive. Its speciality is building modular and integrated systems, multi-level (Group/Country/Company) and multi-product, which comply with all the business requirements in complex and highly regulated market sectors, for international enterprises and groups who want a common platform that can handle the peculiarities of different countries.
Netsurf is a partner of a leader company for Enterprise Asset Management solutions and extends EAM features by developing several components.
Netsurf now has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in innovation, interaction design and software engineering and half of its personnel hold a master’s graduate degree. This ensures qualified, motivated staff and a constant interest in research. Targets are reached by staying on top of new business models and web development.
Participation in European research and feasibility projects is a priority for the company to maintain its state of the art knowledge and interests in transferring research results into its workflow management systems, content management and asset management.
Netsurf invests around 10% of its turnover in Research & Development.


moltosenso’s mission is to walk with companies on the path of technological innovation, optimization and digitization of processes.
We design and develop ICT solutions based on the latest trends in the world of Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, allowing a complete optimization and digitization of processes and enhancing the work of our customers.
Thanks to the professional expertise for accessing European financing instruments, moltosenso is a strategic partner for companies that want to grow and offer more value to their customers.

Intesa Spa

Intesa (IBM Group) supports companies in their digitalisation paths, providing digital as-a-service services and solutions and acting as a single point of contact for the business at various levels along the supply chain. It promotes the design and development of natively digital, innovative and compliant processes.

Intesa’s digital solutions and platforms include EDI services and collaborative portals, document management and storage, e-invoicing, digital identity, e-signature, tracking of goods and certification of deliveries, through to collection and payment management.

The solutions are developed with innovative digital technologies that fully exploit the potential of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain; the projects are supported by Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies and by specialised Competence Centres.