Whiteready strengthens and protects your Internet presence through networking, internet-working, hosting, housing services, virtual machine and virtual private server. Due to our experience on Data Centers we specialize on Cyber Security Security Assessment and Penetration Test. From the beginning, security for Whiteready is not a collateral service to offer to customers, but the foundation of its presence on the net, thanks to their data centres in Italy and the UK. Hosting a small company site, hosting an e-commerce portal or advanced cloud services, with Whiteready you can have the assurance of real customized assistance: neither robots, bots nor automated chats, but only professionals able to respond promptly to your requests.

Strategic paths

  • [traiettorie] Advanced Computing
  • [traiettorie] Artificial Intelligence
  • [traiettorie] Cybersecurity
  • [traiettorie] Internet of Things
  • [traiettorie] Web & Mobile

Application fields

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Digital media
  • Digital Transformation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Monitoring and Security
  • Social Innovation



Micro Enterprise


Centro Pier della Francesca, corso Svizzera, 185 - 10149 Torino

+39 011 6602616

Foundation year