Our mission is to deliver ​the best recommendation engine​ as a service.

Our solution Visidea is easy to integrate into existing e-commerce platforms and will boost sales increasing conversions and revenues.

Consumers are able to easily find the products they want to buy without searching in subcategories or text searches. Inferendo implements multiple algorithms using the latest artificial intelligence techniques: automatic content based filtering on users profiles, k-nearest neighbors on products, popularity based and cold start. Everything is completely automated and seamlessly works with your existing e-commerce software provider.

Our core values and ethics are respect for human rights, the environment and diversity and we rely on bias-free models.


MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform is the most flexible, easy to use and fast solution to let creatives design highly engaging interactive videos in minutes.
In addition to the most updated interaction options, the video content can be triggered by the viewer’s facial expressions while watching it, thanks to our Facial Emotion AI integrated in the platform.

Cynny S.p.A. is an innovative SME with a broad shareholder base (700 shareholders) established on 8 March 2013 in Florence, Italy.
It started up as a private research centre, evolved until 2016 when it employed over 30 full-time researchers and developers.
Since 2015, Cynny has been developing MorphCast Emotion AI, an artificial intelligence engine for expression detection through facial analysis, integrated into the MorphCast Emotion AI Interactive Video Platform service, but also provided separately as an SDK in Javascript.
MorphCast allows the creation and playback of videos and interactive content, able to adapt to the viewer’s expressions (emotions, engagement, attention, and more), and finds application in various sectors, such as digital ADV, HR, eLearning, RTC, and many others.


Whiteready strengthens and protects your Internet presence through networking, internet-working, hosting, housing services, virtual machine and virtual private server. Due to our experience on Data Centers we specialize on Cyber Security Security Assessment and Penetration Test. From the beginning, security for Whiteready is not a collateral service to offer to customers, but the foundation of its presence on the net, thanks to their data centres in Italy and the UK. Hosting a small company site, hosting an e-commerce portal or advanced cloud services, with Whiteready you can have the assurance of real customized assistance: neither robots, bots nor automated chats, but only professionals able to respond promptly to your requests.


Started up in 2017, Aimage is an innovative startup that develops high-tech digital products and services using a proprietary platform based on artificial intelligence.
Our core business is the Chatbot, a real virtual assistant capable of reproducing a conversation and understanding human language. The artificial intelligence we have developed intends to improve the company-user relationship. Through a chat, a real man-machine conversation is recreated in which the bot solves the most frequent problems and doubts of users. Companies, on the other hand, optimize management costs and find new solutions for customer care.

Proprietary technology and market presence have allowed Aimage to acquire the necessary know-how to differentiate the commercial proposal into a product with different application areas: customer care, booking, lead generation.


Support to business innovation: management consulting, prototyping and product development.

– Digital transformation
– IP strategic management
– Process optimization & ICT
– Temporary CTO

– ICT feasibility and prototyping
– IoT smart-products development
– ICT Product development

Alba Robot

Alba Robot aims to change the way people with reduced
mobility (PRM) move by improving their independence in their everyday life
using the best technologies from Automotive, Robotics, Voice Assistants and IoT.
We are creating a platform for wheelchairs and other devices
that can make them intelligent self-driving systems and voice controlled.
We’ll start with the possibility of operating in large environments such as hospitals
airports museums universities also offering the possibility to manage also fleets of wheelchairs. We’ll then improve our navigation in outdoor environments.
We are very grateful to all the project partners we collaborate with and
we look forward to starting to see the first results on the field asap.


In the era of smart cities, smart roads, smart everything, why not having smart weather monitoring, to automatically provide meaningful weather insights and make our lives better. This is what WaterView does, by developing groundbreaking technologies that look from a completely new perspective what everyone else considers a simple camera. By turning every camera into multivariable weather stations, WaterView indeed abate the costs for high spatial and temporal resolution weather monitoring, thus democratizing and delivering to you the power of weather big data.



Synesthesia is a digital experience company, with offices in Turin, that supports its partners in every phase of digital growth. Transforming ideas into innovative web and mobile solutions and applications. Offering marketing and growth hacking services. Organising droidcon Italy and Swift Heroes, international events linked to development on Android and iOS. Committing to gender inclusion in the tech environment by organising the annual Girls Tech conference and creating pathways into the digital world for children and teenagers with FuturMakers.
The “Synesthesia digital factory” is also able to operate with its teams in all the areas of digital communication projects. From advanced e-commerce services to the development of apps on all mobile platforms, including AI and IOT. Collaboration with other Group companies also allows total coverage of all the typical services of a digital company, including creativity, social media, digital advertising and creation of advanced digital events.
Synesthesia Academy, the core of the company training department, is a specific initiative created to support schools, professionals and companies with training and academic programs.

Santer Reply

Santer Reply is a company of the Reply group, started up in 2002 from the privatization of Territorial Healthcare, Local Public Administration and pharmaceutical Government divisions belonging to a Public “inHouse” ICT Company: Lombardia Informatica. In 2009 Santer acquired the “Motorola RD Centre” of Torino, so extending the business to innovation on “Internet of Things” domain, advanced payment platforms, and also leading Santer Reply to become reference R&D Faciity for the whole Repy Group. This enabled Reply Group to significantly increase the investment on R&D, towards new platforms, new technologies, and giving to Santer Reply the opportunity to extend reference market to the national and international scenario.

CWS Digital Solutions

CWS Digital Solutions supports organizations in digitizing work, consumption, entertainment and production processes with technological and creative solutions that integrate physical spaces and digital environments.

To this end, CWS has developed four digital transformation paths dedicated to specific objectives: from customer engagement to employee empowerment, from operation optimization to business transformation.
Founded in Vicenza in 1987 as a system integrator, today the company is present in 5 cities: Vicenza, Turin, Milan, Verona, Padua.

Thanks to an approach based on the integration of technologies, strategic evaluations and creativity, CWS is able to support customers throughout the project life cycle, from the preliminary needs assessment to the assistance and analysis of the results.

The company collaborates with some of the most important Italian groups in the banking, insurance, manufacturing, museum and retail sectors, including CNH, Veronafiere, Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, FICO, Ermenegildo Zegna. The company also boasts an extensive network of technical partners such as Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell Boomi, PTC, Sophos, Liferay, MongoDB, Alfresco, Kofax, OpenText, HPE, Aruba Networks, Swascan.