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A tool for the management of corporate assets that offers an asset-centric vision for the circular economy to build a:

ASSET LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT MODEL that allows corporate assets to be managed even in the final phase of disposal and above all a decision-making tool.

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Reducing the amount of waste linked to actual production as well as waste linked, for example, to the decommissioning and disposal of some production equipment Repair or replace ?

Management of a materials passport

Assessment of the functional and operational “Conditions” of a series of installations and equipment or “State of Good Repair”.

  • Optimised management of the maintenance spare parts warehouse. The principles of the circular economy can therefore be applied to the logic of purchasing and availability of strategic materials, also with a view to ensuring the availability of spare parts for an appropriately extended useful life.
  • The use of advanced Asset Management tools can also have an impact on the valorisation aspects of corporate assets.



Determination of Asset LifeCycle and Replacement Cost. Optimisation of maintenance operating costs. Capital investment optimisation. Determination of the financing strategy. Evaluation of possible risks related to failures or accidents. Creation of a model of critical company assets that contains the assessment of their “Operational Condition”.

Evaluation of possible risks related to failures or accidents.

Creation of a Model of critical company assets that contains the evaluation of their “Operational Condition”.

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