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Brainer is a web platform that supports the work of neuropsychologists. Thanks to its 3 exercise suites, it facilitates and enables cognitive rehabilitation therapies. Both in presence and at a distance, thanks to domiciliation. It allows the management of medical records, the creation of personalised rehabilitation paths for each individual patient and the monitoring of results.

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Dementia affects about 5.4% of people over 65, with exponential progression associated with increasing age. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the human brain, when properly stimulated, activates a capacity known as Neuronal Plasticity, i.e. it is able to increase connections in order to slow down the degenerative process. Symptoms characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease can therefore be countered through appropriate and specific training.




Cognitive Rehabilitation is the only methodology that can counteract cognitive impairment. Brainer serves as a toolbox for neuropsychologists. Thanks to the creation of ad hoc treatment plans, patients can be given a wide variety of stimuli. The exercises are always available and immediately accessible. They reduce the disinterest, anxiety and depression that dementia brings and stimulate cognitive domains (such as attention and memory).

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