Telematic Trends

An initiative for considering the future of infomobility

Telematic TrendsThe seminar is structured as a long, interactive discussion, interspersed with presentations. Speakers from the Italian and European automobile world of telematic services will communicate via satellite.

Telematic Trends is every year greeted with great success by participants who follow the projects with a high interest. The seminar is targeted on telematic SMEs needs, opening perspectives on the medium and long-term future as imagined by the most important clients, manufacturers of automobiles in Europe and worldwide.

The seminar is organised within Infomobility Telematics Forum 2005.

The long-term objectives of the seminar are:

  • Presentation and analysis of the actual market situation, with the support of specialized research companies
  • Analysis of future business trends, with the support of paths and forecasts outlined by automobile manufacturers
  • Study of the value chain and business models for different market segments through the analysis of important case histories
  • Presentation of the roadmap and timeline for adopting new technologies and relative profitability for automobile manufacturers and telematic service providers.


23 November


Costs: The participation is free of charge
Registration deadline: November 13th, 2005