Seminar: British Columbia Biotechnology

Bringing Value to International Partners

British ColumbiaBritish Columbia is the eighth largest biotechnology centre in North America by number of companies, and the fastest growing in Canada. It is home to three of Canada’s largest and most successful biotechnology companies QLT, Angiotech and ID Biomedical.

This growth is fuelled by large and constant investment in R&D on the part of the Federal and Provincial Governments and by several incentives at the federal and provincial level, created to assist in the development of the biotechnology industry. An additional factor in support of the industry is the availability of financing and venture capital from the US and other sources

British Columbia biotechnology companies and research organizations have a long history of successful partnerships with international partners. We invite you to join the British Columbia delegation at the seminar organized in Torino on January 23 and explore common business and research opportunities.


23 January