On Wednesday 21th of September the Call “Galileo”

1,5 millions Euro to finance the projects submitted by SMEs

SatelliteAt 21th of September 2005 the Torino Wireless Foundation will issue a call for projects, called “Galileo”, to stimulate Piedmont small and medium enterprises submitting proposals. The gross amount of the call will be 1,05 millions Euro, with a co-financing of 70%.

The call will be focused on feasibility analysis and proof-of-concepts prototypical realizations of services/applications and innovative solutions, based on the informations provided by Galileo System and EGNOS intermediate System.

The Galileo System

The Satellite Navigation Sysytem Galileo, since its workability in 2008, will grant an accurate acquisition, by end users, of localization informations, creating important business opportunities in development of local sub-systems.

Among countless applications we can find all the services of so-called “intelligent transportation” (management of terrestrial, aerial and maritime traffic through advanced instruments and technologies), environmental monitoring, telemedicine and emergency management.

The role of Torino Wireless

The Foundation is working, together with local institutions, enterprises and research centers, to candidate Turin and Piedmont as excellence center in the satellite navigation sector and to stimulate the growth of the enterprises that produce devices and services related to Galileo System.

Therefore in this field Torino Wireless is going to start support and involvement actions towards Piedmont SMEs:

  • Organization and launch of “Galileo” call
  • Presentation of the call, toghether with a technical seminar focused on Galileo and opportunities coming from devices and applications

The Call is tailored only for SMEs operating in Piedmont, eventually supported by consultants. Informations on themes, projects requirements, and how to participate will be incuded on the content of the call.

The technical seminar “Galileo System: an opportunity for Piedmont SME“, will be held on 26th of September at “Torino Incontra” Congress Center in Turin.