MobiGoIn launches future mobility towards extra-European markets

The first phase finished with a network of more than a thousand companies. In 2018 the internationalisation services will be activated for the markets of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and USA

The results

MobiGoIn, a project co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union, developed an internationalisation strategy aimed at supporting smart mobility SMEs and start-ups in their internationalisation processes beyond Europe. The countries identified as geographical targets are: Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States of America; whilst the priority target markets are Automotive – including connected cars, autonomous vehicles, low emission vehicles, on-board solutions – and Smart Cities – info-mobility; intermodal, collaborative and cooperative solutions; traffic control, parking & ticketing, last-mile logistics, etc.

The project also identified key actors in the target countries interested in becoming potential partners that support the European SMEs in entering the chosen target markets.

The structured services and activities, aimed at supporting the internationalisation of European SMEs and start-ups, foresee companies joining in technological European value chains, which allow to be more competitive when entering new markets; training and mentoring programmes to prepare the companies; and international missions and events aimed at generating technologic and commercial partnerships between European and foreign companies and interested actors.


Networking opportunities

The event also provided the opportunity for companies to start sharing their interests and ideas and assessing potential collaborations with each other. During the pitch session, 12 European companies (SMEs and start-ups) presented their innovative solutions within the smart mobility field: parking apps, travel-sharing, automotive architectures, etc. While afterwards, during the business networking moment, 40 B2B meetings took place, allowing companies, clusters and other innovation actors from MobiGoIn Network to talk for about 30 minutes and get a deeper knowledge of how could they collaborate.



Next step: MobiGoIn-Action!

Mobility Goes International – in Action (MobiGoIn-Action) was presented to the COSME call for proposals aimed at co-fund the test and implementation of the activities and services planed within MobiGoIn Internationalisation Strategy. If the proposal is approved, starting on January 2018, the European SMEs and start-ups interested in approaching the markets of Canada, USA, China, Singapore and Malaysia will have the opportunity of taking part of MobiGoIn acceleration and internationalisation activities.