IRGAL Final Workshop: focus on GNSS innovation

IRGAL, Innovation and Research on GALileo


The participants will have the opportunity to:
  • listen to the latest Galileo news from institutions, R&D and industry leaders
  • learn about IRGAL project results in the fields of Time applications, GNSS Software Receivers and RF front-ends
  • attend demonstrations of the IRGAL enabling technology platforms and working prototypes in the Exhibition area.
  • meet IRGAL researchers and professionals and discuss potential collaborative follow-up
  • understand how to exploit IRGAL technologies to be more competitive in the GNSS market


Plenary session

  • 9:00 Registration
  • 9:30 Introduction & Welcome
  • 10:15 Education, Research and Innovation on GNSS in Europe: the IRGAL and Piedmont  contribution
  • 11:30 Coffee break
  • 11:45 The Galileo local & international scenario: speeches from institutions, R&D and industry leaders (Panel session)
  • 12:45 Plenary session conclusions
  • 13.00 Lunch break

Technology session

  • 14:00 RECEIVER Session: GNSS Software receivers platform and RF front-end results
  • 15:30 Coffee break
  • 15:45 TIME Session: timing prototypes and applications results
  • 17:00 Wrap-up and Sessions closing
  • 17:10 Move to Exhibition Area: demo of  IRGAL enabling technologies and prototypes
  • 18:00 Conclusion of the workshop
For further information on the workshop, please contact info.irgal@torinotime.it.


21 October


Where: Altec Centro Spaziale Multifunzionale (Multifunctional Space Centre), corso Marche 79, Torino.