International Meeting: Technology Districts and PA Innovation for regional development

Torino Wireless at Forum PA 2008

This meeting is aimed at stimulating a debate over the relation between Technology Districts and Regions and between Regions and Public Administrations, emphasizing the following aspects:
  • Role of Technology District in the local context and related to local development policies:
    • how the Technology District is part of the regional priorities for development?
    • what is the associates team and the regional representation?
  • The Technology District and the Public Administration:
    • a Technology District can improve innovation processes of the PA?
    • what does PA expect from Technology Districts?
  • what kind of actions the PA can realise to create the conditions to accelerate and maximise the impact of Technology Districts?
  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Francesco Beltrame, Ministry of Research and Innovation
    • ForumPA representative
    • Rodolfo Zich, President ADiTe, Italian Technology Districts’ Association
  • Perspectives and scenario
    E. Andreta, President of the Italian Agency for Innovation
  • Technology Districts round table:
    R. Zich – chairman
    • SCS, a world-class competitiveness cluster in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
      Vincent Boisard, Pole SCS, international relations (France)
    • The Initiative Competence Networks Germany – A Tool To Strengthen German’s Most Innovative Clusters
      Gerd Meier zu Kocker, Director Kompetenznetze (Germany)
    • Knowledge Clusters in Japan
      Ludovico Ciferri, Deputy Director of MoCoBe Lab Graduate School of International Management International University of Japan
    • Aldo Romano, President DHitec,  Micro-Nanotech/Innovation Engineering Technology District- Puglia Region
    • Paolo Occhialini, Coordinator FILAS Spa, Bio-sciences Technology District – Lazio Region
    • Aldo Martorana, President IMAST, Polymeric and composite materials Technology District – Campania Region
  • Conclusion
For further information: FORUM PA 08.


15 May


Where: Fiera di Roma
Via Eiffel, near via Portuense, n. 1555, loc. Ponte Galeria
H: 10.00