Intercultural Workshop

1st edition

The Intercultural Workshop project arises from the will to compare ideas and models from different institutions.

Innovation and competitiveness are the results of the awareness of the “other people” and of the knowledge of formal and fundamental rules of behaviour. Only by combining different abilities and knowledge, excellence can be obtained.

The SAA has created an ideal environment in which the Intercultural workshop can take place and where the skills of each participant can be discovered, exploited and put into use within the social system.


The workshop is provided to entrepreneurs, traders, doctorate students of the University and of the Polytechnic, the SAA master students and the students of degree courses in Information Management and Business Communication.


The Torino Wireless Foundation, which promotes R&D and technology-based enterprises in Piedmont, has financed this project taking into account that the project’s overall worth may be of greater value than its cost. Therefore, they decided to make it available free of charge to all those who are interested in our cultural proposal.


The University of Turin (Business Administration Dept, Oriental studies Dept.), the Polytechnic of Turin (IV Faculty), the UN Staff College, the USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) and the Unione Industriale di Torino (Employers’ Association of Turin) are participating in this project.


  • Monday July 11th
    • MORNING: Reporting Issues for Global Companies
    • AFTERNOON: Communication and Methods of Handling Conflict
  • Tuesday July 12th
    • MORNING: UN in the 21st Century
    • AFTERNOON: Technological Strategy, Structure of the Product and

      Firms Relations

  • Wednesday July 13th
    • MORNING: Emerging opportunities for doing business between

      India and Italy

    • AFTERNOON: Which Governance models for international trade and


  • Thursday July 14th
    • MORNING: China and the future of the West between challenge

      and fear

    • AFTERNOON: IT Governance in Large Companies
  • Friday July 15th
    • MORNING: Research and Development Activities in the Context of


    • AFTERNOON: The British Management and the UK Business Context


Please confirm your attendance to: cristina.ragionieri@unito.it



11 July


15 July


On the third and fourth day of the course a lunch will be provided by the SAA for all participants.