Innogest Capital invests in the drug delivery sector

Annunced participation in EryDel together with the Focus Impresa fund

EryDel S.p.A. (www.erydel.com) was founded by Prof. Mauro Magnani and Prof. Luigia Rossi, both from the University of Urbino, Italy, in 2007 as a university spin off with the aim of developing the technology of drug delivery based on the use of autologous erythrocytes. The company now has a proprietary technology, owns a designation of ?Orphan drug? for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis, and has a robust patent portfolio covering Europe, USA and Japan. EryDel intends to accelerate the clinical investigation of drug-loaded erythrocytes to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. In fact, a single administration of drug delivered by EryDel technology has been found to provide the patient with sufficient drug in circulation for a month, maintaining very low but therapeutic effective drug concentration, and avoiding all potential drug side effects.

EryDel technology has also been proven to be effective in delivering contrasting agents both in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and in fluorangiograpy. A new patent in this field, generated by researchers at the University of Urbino under the umbrella of EU FP6 project named NACBO, has also been transferred to EryDel.
The co-founders Magnani and Rossi are enthusiastic about the possibility of boosting the company developments and have already organized an international clinical network that will now start the clinical investigations needed to obtain the approval of EryDel treatment by the European regulatory Authorities.