Infomobility Telematics Forum 2005

Wireless Telematics for auto industry


Wireless vehicle networks, integration between information, communication and navigation, RFIDs, applications for public and goods transportation are among the hot topics that were presented in the past, anticipating the Italian and international markets in 2005/2006. These topics will be explored again alongside new focuses of interest: Logistics, Emergency and Public Safety, GPS/GIS and Sport Telemetry.

The 2005 event will be held over two days

  • November 23: the first day will be dedicated to “Telematic Trends“, a management workshop created to meet the needs of many SMEs who are working in the telematics and infomobility services market
  • November 24: the second day will offer a variety of conferences, supported by the Brokerage Event and a large exhibit area. The exhibit area has been designed to meet the practical needs of operators in the sector in order to learn about individual products and understand how best to use the new technologies on offer.

Torino Wireless Area

In this fourth edition of ITF the Torino Wireless Foundation presents a Torino Wireless exhibition area where 19 enterprises of the Cluster will be freely hosted.


Brokerage Event

Third edition of the technological brokerage event, organised by the Chamber of commerce of Torino and Centro Sviluppo Aosta.



24 November