Galileo 6FP Research and Development: 3rd Call

GJU allocates a budget of 10 million euros

Galileo Joint UndertakingThis 3rd call is divided into 5 activities:

  • Tracking and Tracing Technologies for EU Regulated Services: budget 2,375 M€, financed at 50%
  • Galileo Applications in the Emergency Management: budget 1,9M€, financed at 50%
  • Galileo Time and Synchronization Applications: budget 1,9M€, financed at 50%
  • Public Regulated Service User Segment: budget 2,66M€, financed at 70%
  • Education, Research and Innovation in the field of GNSS: budget 0,665 M€, financed at 100%

Deadline: February 24, 2006


GJU Procurements