Exhibition: R2B

Research to Business


Research To Business 2007 is the event in which Italian and international research leading actors can put forward new technological innovation proposals, research projects, prototypes, and applications to be launched onto the market, as well as services addressed to entrepreneurs, R&D managers and investors interested in supporting technology transfer operations.

Key Areas

  • AMA (Advanced Mechanics);
  • BIO (Biotechnology), and in particular:
  • Red biotech (Life Sciences ) – biotech research for applications in the medical field;
  • Green biotech – biotech research applied to the agro-food industry
  • White biotech – biotech research applied to industrial processes
  • ENA (Energy and Environment);
  • NewMA (New materials – Nanotechnology);
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • INVESTMENT and SERVICES – Service and investment operators and bodies supporting the development of technology transfer and research projects.
  1. Public and private Research Centres, Spin-offs, R&D Laboratories, outsourcing
  2. Enterprises involved in Research and Development
  3. Investment and services (Venture capitalists, Business Angels, Incubators, Innovation Parks, Experts in industrial property rights, Innovation Consultancy firms)
  4. Institutions (Local Authorities, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Development Agencies, Special Agencies)

Executives and managers in charge of product and process technological innovation in the enterprises of the sectors listed below, who are interested in fostering cooperation between research and industry at local, national, and international level.



03 May


04 May


Exhibition Centre
Piazza Costituzione, Halls 21/22
Bologna, Italy