Exhibition: Nanoforum

Conference&Expo dedicated to micro and nanotechnologies

Nanoforum wants to be the Italian meeting that gives the chance to the managers and to the operators to meet one each other, to exchange informations, to set up new ideas and initiatives.

Nanoforum wants also to support the knowledge sharing.

The nanoforum second edition will be a moment of meeting oriented to the italian managerial growing in a sector, in which little and medium business is already starting to operate, obteining frequently surprising results.

Nanoforum represents an opportunity to know, only in two days, the research’s border, and understand how to apply it at one’s products and services.


Enterprenues and managers of little and medium enterprises interested in products/process innovation.


  • Industrial: chemistry, electronics, energy, environment, instruments, mechanical, sensors, transports
  • Services society: finance, patents
  • Innovative Spin off and Start up


Nanoforum will include conferences, exhibition area and meetings. The conferences will be opened by a presentation session, which aim is to give nanotechnologies’ basic informatoins and let to enter in this world in wide evolution also to people not very skilled about.

Conference Plan



27 September


28 September