Euromobility Brokerage Event

Brokerage at European Mobility Forum

This initiative, promoted by the Innovation Relay Centre network – which includes the Turin Chamber of Commerce among its members as well as organizations from 33 different Countries -, has now reached its fourth year and aims at promoting technological partnerships.

The initiative will be enriched with additional pre-arranged meetings with companies from Partner countries of the event, if any (e.g. India, Russia, etc.). Moreover, the 2007 event is aimed at attracting companies belonging to the European Technological Platforms in the ICT sector, so as to favor corporate participation in the technological research & development projects of the VII Framework Agreement.

Over 300 one-to-one meetings are estimated to take place during the 2007 event, and at least 100 technological profiles will be published in the online catalog.

Official Website

How to participate

Each participant is required to register and enter a profile in ENGLISH in the “REGISTRATION” section of the IRC Web site: https://euromobility.irc.cordis.lu.

Once registered, the profile will be included in a constantly updated online catalog. Each company, research center or university will then have the possibility of directly accessing the catalog and expressing their interest in a certain profile.

A personal appointments schedule will thus be created for each participant.


  • Registration and profile entry: within March 9, 2007
  • Appointments can be made: within March 23, 2007
  • The personal appointments schedule must be submitted: a week before the event begins

Some data concerning the previous event

  • 320 one-to-one meetings were organized
  • 140 profiles were published, of which 49 submitted by foreign companies
  • 131 registered participants

For more information

Chiara Soffietti

Turin Chamber of Commerce

Technological Innovation Division – ALPS IRC

Tel. no.: +39 011 5716322