The 1st Euro-MedHckathon: Eco-Efficiency in the Agro-Food Chain

Following the first successful brokerages organized in the framework of MedSpring project (Cairo, 2014; Berlin, 2015; Bari, 2016), this year the first Euro-MedHakathon will be organized to host young innovators, researchers, international companies and entrepreneurs from different EU and Mediterranean countries with the aim to developing novel ideas which could have a strategic impact in the field of agro-food chain sustainability.

The Torino Wireless Foundation has partnered with MedSpring project selecting young innovators and the best ideas to be awarded. As part of this collaboration, Torino Wireless will offer to young innovators winners the opportunity to interact with own network companies that deal with themes and ideas developed, with the aim of exploring the possibility to starting collaborations through participation in regional, national, European (especially H2020) or international Research&Development projects.

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For updates and further information, follow the project on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or contact the brokerage secretariat: brokerage@medspring.eu or medspring@iamb.it.

Event hashtag: #EUMEDHACK2016

The event programme is available here