Conference: Best Practices in Science Based Incubators

The Role of Government, University and Industry in Science Based Incubation

Incubators practice at the crossroads between science and business, between knowledge and the market. As such Science Based Incubators are the catalysts in transferring research driven knowledge to the market. This catalyst function is crucial in the development of a regional innovation system. Increasingly, regional governments, industries and knowledge institutes recognise the important role of incubators in regional economic development. This raises the question of the role of these actors. Therefore the focus of this year’s Annual Conference is on “The role of government, university and industry in Science Based Incubation”.

Issues on the agenda

The main Issues on the Agenda for this year’s annual conference are:

  • International, national and private investments in incubators
  • Methods to accelerate Science Based Businesses
  • Best Practices in various disciplines across different continents
  • The effectiveness of Government, Industry and University supervision in Incubation
  • Future trends in Incubation from the incubator’s and tenants’ perspective

“Best Science Based Incubator” Award 2005

In cooperation with CSES and Gate2Growth, Science Alliance organises the yearly Award for the “Best Science Based Incubator”. The winner of this competition will be named at the Award Winning Ceremonies during the Conference.

Science Based Incubator Conference



01 December


02 December


Language: English