Companies selected for CeBIT 2006

The Spazio Piemonte area will host 9 enterprises

CeBITThis action is undertaken by the Torino Wireless Foundation, in co-operation with Turin Chamber of Commerce, ITP (Agency for Investments in Turin and Piedmont) and Centro Estero Camere Commercio Piemontesi (Foreign Trade Office – Piedmont Chambers of Commerce).

This exhibition area — called “Spazio Piemonte” — offers to the small and medium enterprises of the District the opportunity to participate in CeBIT in Hannover, the most important exhibition in information technology sector, also providing visibility to the innovation capacity of the Piedmont region.

The nine companies of the District are:


    Protection of mobile devices and communications security. A complete, evolved and innovative Suite of integrated systems for protecting mobile communications, voice and data, on the GSM network. CasperTech: absolute security for data and communications.



    DMD Computers produces computers for industrial applications, SBC boards and embedded solutions for robotics, industrial automation and automotive applications as well as medical equipment and telecommunications.



    Elem Group, on the market since more than 30 years, designs and develops GPS systems and products, electronics and connectivity for security and tracking of vehicles and fleets, telematic services for security, assistance and pay per use insurances.


  • IncomediaINCOMEDIA

    Incomedia, a company with its registered office in Ivrea (TO), specialises in the design and production of software for corporate, educational and consumer markets. Simple and complete software solutions for the creation of multimedia presentations, web sites and e-learning courses for companies, professionals, schools, teachers and private users.



    Spin-off of Prototipo Engineering S.p.A., LCT Infotelematics offers systems, products and infomobility services with solutions that bring together the most modern wireless, web connectivity and vehicles technology.


  • MicrontelMICRONTEL

    Microntel specialises in the design, production and distribution of complete solutions for all requirements in the data collection field: access, attendance and production control. Exploitable via web, its solutions ensure company products are more flexible and efficient.



    N-Lab, an academic spin-off of Torino Polytechnic, provides an extensive and evolved research environment, with access to international research projects, and is distinguished by considerable flexibility in its design of software and hardware solutions. Its most recent projects concern applied meteorology and laparoscopy instruments.


  • QSO-GemmaQSO – Gemma

    QSO Italia, with its consolidated know-how in the Monetics and ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) sector, designs and distributes ATM updating solutions on the national and international market, in compliance with the EMV/microcircuit (Italian domestic circuit) standard.

    Gemma Italia, a company within the QSO Italia network, completes the offer, providing customers with a completely outsourced ATM management service.




    Simet designs and produces peripheral and industrial terminals for data collection, and systems and components for automatic identification with RFID technology in production tracking and logistics applications.



Alessia Costa, Chiara Cavanna

Fondazione Torino Wireless

Tel: +39 011 195 01 340/420

Official website: www.cebit.de