Business Mission in India

EU-India ICT Workshop

How it works

Indian Companies are requested to registered by filling the company profile , to be send to their National Organizing Secretariat. Their profiles will be published on the project website.

French,Italian, and Spanish Companies are requested to register by filling the company profile , which must be send to their National Organizing Secretariat.

The most suitable Indian partners will be searched on the basis of the specific demands and offer specified in the EU company profiles.

All the applying companies will receive an individual meeting agenda.

Cost and benefits

The participation is free of charge for both Indian and EU companies. Travel and hotel accommodation expenses will be at companies’ charge. Special hotel price in Bangalore will be provided.

All companies taking part in the event will receive the Survey on Bangalore ICT for free.

The applying Indian and European companies may be asked a deposit, which will be totally refunded in case of actual participation, by their National Organizing Secretariat.



The Grand Ashok Hotel

Kumara Krupa High Grounds

Italian Organizing Secretariat

Foreign Trade Office Piemonte Chambers of Commerce

Via Ventimiglia 165

10127 Torino, Italy

Ref: Ms. Elena Dall’Amico, Ms.Oriana Spanò

Tel: +39 011 6700640-615-511

Fax: +39 011 6965456