18 companies of the Cluster selected for Infomobility 2005

The Torino Wireless area will host 18 enterprises for free

Infomobility Telematics Forum 2005

Torino Wireless Area

As a partner of the event, the Torino Wireless Foundation will attend ITF2005 and will provide an exhibition area where 18 enterprises of the Cluster will be hosted.

This exhibition area – called “Torino Wireless area” – offers to the small and medium enterprises of the Cluster the opportunity to participate in the first event in Italy in the Telematics and Infomobility sector, also providing visibility to the innovation capacity of the Piedmont region.

The eighteen companies, selected on the basis of their innovation in product and services, are:

is an engineering company established in 1991. During these years, Axis has produced either its own products, or the design on behalf of its customers.

The activities initially started from the industrial field (numeric control and software), and the automotive field (satellite localization systems). In the last years Axis has developed important activities in the inertial systems field. Axis’ quality system is certified according to the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 achieved in 2001.

For further information: axis@axisautomazione.it; www.axisautomazione.it

Cefin Systems ItaliaCefin Systems Italia is a Company of Cefin Group, an international company provider of integrated services in the commercial vehicles sector.

Cefin Systems Italia presents Sateltrack, a platform accessible on-line via internet for the collection, elaboration, analysis and data handling for signals received from vehicles. Sateltrack is able to interface to a large number of devices and uses transmitted data following highly personalised configurations to give requested information and analysis; RS3, a complete end-to-end telematics solution dedicated to the transport’s market.

For further information: info@cefinsystems.com; www.cefinsystems.com

has been active in the ICT domain since 2001, playing on three business enabling factors: convergence on the IP protocol, low cost bandwidth availability and microelectronics advancement. The payoff, NETCONFIDENCE TAILORS, somehow summarizes the whole of marketing & sales consulting, hardware-software design and educational skills offered by EXWAI. Netsecurity and wireless systems, IP network appliance development and evangelization on ICT techniques are EXWAI’s main activity fields today.

For further information: info@exwai.it; www.exwai.it

FluidtimeFluidtime Data Service, based in Vienna with a unit in Italy, is developing and providing a multimedia live calendar on different channels (mobile application, sms, wap, web). Thanks to Fluidtime, stress caused by unforseen events occurring on your agenda is reduced: real-time and personalized information about public transports, event fairs to attend to or people to meet with are effectively provided on your mobile phone. The result is a more fluid time management over personal and working time.

For further information: www.fluidtime.com

LACHESILACHESI presents innovative applications addressed in particular to the structural and environmental monitoring, to the analysis of the physical phenomena connected to risk situations (like the alluviums) and to the development of sensors and methodologies for the control of constructions like bridges, dams and metallic structures.

Generally, LACHESI is focalized about research, experimentation and production of structural, acoustics and fluid dynamics systems and it is the author of the of RENOsystem and VERTIpole, two monitoring equipments both protected by international patents.

For further information: info@lachesi.com; www.lachesi.com

LCTInfotelematcsLCT Infotelematics is a spin-off from Prototipo’s group, it started its activity to operate and take advantage of its experiences and skills achieved in wireless technology and infomobility field. Pocket Driver, Pocket Driver Serever and Pocket Driver Links are the LCT Infotelematics lines of products that implement high technology content solutions ,systems and services. LCT Infotelematics proposal can be integrated also with third party products and services allowing to offer more complete and innovative applications.

For further information: info@lctinfotelematics.com; www.lctinfotelematics.com

McommMcomm is a consulting society that studies, realizes and manages Work Force Mobile Services.

Mcomm presents applications like: M2M, the solution for remote control of industrial and civil installations (thermal stations, lifts, production installations, irrigation systems, water main supplies); MobAssist, an application platform to manage Technical Assistance directly on PDA; MobSurvey, to carry out target differentiated, articulated and quick Market Researches; MobLog, a service for logistic and transport market.

For further information: www.mcomm.it

NetsurfNet Surfing designs and realizes reliable distributed applications customizable on demand. Specialist in web based applications, asset management, DB design and administration.

Road Runner. Mobile access module oriented to agencies/companies that take care of management and maintenance of city areas and roads. It allows to receiving requests for interventions with their geographic coordinates and signalling the successful execution. Updating and integrating the geographic data to support of operations of census for digitalised services of Registry Office and ‘Catasto’. It easily fits into the GIS and the Facility Management Systems with which it cooperates.

For further information: netsurf@netsurf.it; www.netsurf.it

N-LABN-LAB is a Polytechnic of Turin spin-off, founded in October 2004 by a group of soft computing experts and development engineers of the Neurotics Laboratory. The core competences of the company include Intelligent sensors, HW/SW Embedded Systems, Software Engineering, Medical Devices.

N-Lab builds enhanced software algorithms for data driven applications which find e.g. application in intelligent sensor devices. N-LAB presents D-IR, a sensor to detect the temperature of the road surface, although frozen or in the moving vehicle situation.

For further information: info@n-lab.it; www.n-lab.it

PentexPentex is an Italian company founded on 1998, active in the IT domain. During this years the company became Authorized Developer Esri (world leader for GIS technology) and achieved quality certification ISO9001:2000. Pentex is able to assist its customers in all phases of development of GIS systems, from design to cartography preparation and deployment (Geographical Information Systems).

For further information: info@pentex.it; www.pentex.it

QSO ItaliaQSO Italia is a company specializing in developing and producing final product solutions and services using the latest state of the art information and electronic technologies.

QSO is a specialist in the area of Windows® Embedded and is one the principle accredited System integrators in Europe. Due to the high skill and experience of the engineering team QSO has brought to market various embedded products in a selection of different application fields: ATM market, Wireless LAN, Gaming machines and systems to automate fuel distribution.

For further information: info@qso-italia.it; www.qso-italia.it

REGOLAREGOLA has been providing integrated software solutions for emergency resource coordination on complex territories for years. In Piedmont Regola manages both the 118 Emergency Service and the TEMPORE’s Hospital Teleconsultation Network, while in Emilia Romagna it will soon coordinate a new hospital network (SIAT Project). Regola has significant experience in the area of mobile technology for managing apparatuses onboard vehicles and has developed a new platform for emergency network management.

For further information: info@regola.it; www.regola.it

Semar Security & CommunicationSEMAR Security & Communications
designs, produces and commercializes innovative devices for the Investigation Technologies area like micro audio transmitters, micro cameras and audio-video repeaters. Other important operative areas are GPS-GSM Satellite Traking Systems and digital Video Surveillance on Internet. The company is particularly interested in the use either mobile or portable of these technologies; this is possible with the employment of PCs, Handhelds Computers and Mobile Phones.

For further informations: semar@semar.net; www.semar.net

SIMETSIMET, founded in 1982, operates in the field of industrial automation and manufacture of products for computer and telematic applications.

Thanks to the care it steadily takes in meeting the requirements of its customers and to the consolidation and extension of its industrial structure, the company has enlarged its expertise in many sectors, ranging from electronic, mechanical and computer design to engineering and manufacture.

SIMET devotes 7% of the sales revenues to the R&D and is currently engaged in implementing new products in the fields of safety and data collection, as well as data transmission and power.

For further information: simet@simet.com; www.simet.com

SISTeMOBILESISTeMOBILE is the only Infomobility Service Provider on the market: with an all inclusive monthly rent, install on your vehicle the localization system provided of telephone SIM and entering an access password on the site www.sistemobile.com you will have the position and other useful information of all the fleet’s vehicles. There is any charge for the system, for the mobile telephone operator, for the operating unit: you just need to connect to the Internet to have from any place of the world the fleet situation in real time.

For further information: www.sistemobile.com

Step InformaticaStep Informatica produces high quality digital maps, Raster and Vector, suitable for G.I.S. and infomobility applications. STEP’s digital maps provide a highly accurate representation of the national road network. It includes one-way streets, toponomy, civic numbers, administrative territories, hydrography and railway network.

Step also produces applications like Route_OCX, an OCX software module that implements a map manager, easy to use by any management informative system.

For further information: info@step-to.com; www.step-to.com

TEORESITEORESI gives, since 1987, consultancy and design services for software development applications. The adoption of powerful tools and efficient methods for designing simulation, mathematical modelling and rapid-prototyping let present: solutions to develop Embedded system, advanced Human Machine Interface, UAV Ground Control Station, Navigation and Surveillance Systems.

Scientific research and product development boost the demand for methods and technologies capable of reducing times and costs.

TEORESI support growth and development of its customers and supply them with innovative solutions and contents.

For further information: info@teoresi.it; www.teoresi.it

WebOn4Webon4 designs and realises Video surveillance plants on any size IP. The company offers technological consulting services and cooperate with important surveillance bodies to develop advanced applications in the security domain.

Video Sorveglianza Attiva is a full-web platform which provides users with a easy to use interface accessible by means of PCs, hand-held devices and mobile phones connected to the Internet. This is still the only solution that enables live access to cameras with UMTS phones.

For further information: staff@webon4.it; www.webon4.it


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