Trafficlab provided detailed road traffic information and device for vehicle control and monitoring. The knowledge of traffic data is not only an exclusive activity for public authorities, responsible for planning and traffic control, it is indispensable information for many commercial activities to design solutions and processes in a data-driven key.

Committed to the development of cloud platforms and advanced technological solutions, we offer traffic monitoring and regulation of new generation Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) also thanks to our artificial intelligence models applied to video cameras and big data (machine learning and computer vision).

Starting from a simple video stream of a camera we detect up to 8 categories of vehicles (including pedestrians and cyclists) and with our cloud platform, Wetraffic Pro, we are able to provide an estimate of the traffic and pollution of an entire road network.

SCAI Group

SCAI S.p.A., established in Turin in 1973, is the holding company of the SCAI Group, a network of companies specialising in the provision of ICT services and solutions.

The SCAI Group operates mainly throughout Italy and participates in national and international projects. Constantly growing, it is one of the leading Italian companies in the ICT sector, a network of companies in terms of management, production and research, with a shared and structured heritage of experience and knowledge. Customer support in ICT integration and innovation, strong investments in technology and R&D, attention to the human element and constant training make the SCAI Group a reliable and quality partner, able to meet the expectations of companies with a complete offer. The Group provides support to companies, banks, insurance companies, public administration, industrial and service companies, in giving concrete answers to changes: technical, functional and organizational skills and a complete offer of System Integration, consulting, services and ICT solutions with enabling technologies.

The Group has expertise in Big Data & Cloud, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


bylogix s.r.l. is focused on providing OEM’s and Tier1’s with unmatched electrical and electronic engineering services and solutions for the Automotive Industry.
bylogix s.r.l. offers an innovative engineering approach based on unique expertise in key automotive technologies.
E/E Architectures, embedded software and hardware development, ADAS, autonomous driving and functional safety are part of the key skills of its team of engineers.
bylogix s.r.l. has recently gained a national leading role in safety procedures for the Electrical Vehicle, directly training all the major Italian players in this field.
The multifaceted experience acquired in Automotive allowed Bylogix to be also awarded with major contracts in railway, marine and industrial sectors.


Lifetouch s.r.l. is a company that deals with the definition and development of user interfaces (human-machine interfaces), from the initial concept to the final product and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence within the products. We define the user experience of the product / service and develop both the graphic interface and the SW, with the possibility of defining the HW. We introduce Artificial Intelligence solutions within the interfaces or products to make these products competitive and cutting-edge.

Alba Robot

Alba Robot aims to change the way people with reduced
mobility (PRM) move by improving their independence in their everyday life
using the best technologies from Automotive, Robotics, Voice Assistants and IoT.
We are creating a platform for wheelchairs and other devices
that can make them intelligent self-driving systems and voice controlled.
We’ll start with the possibility of operating in large environments such as hospitals
airports museums universities also offering the possibility to manage also fleets of wheelchairs. We’ll then improve our navigation in outdoor environments.
We are very grateful to all the project partners we collaborate with and
we look forward to starting to see the first results on the field asap.



ClioTech Marketing & Technology S.r.l. was born in 2017 from the idea of creating a mobility management system aimed to supply innovative solutions for connectivity and safety on board and to spread new models of sustainable and shared mobility.


In the era of smart cities, smart roads, smart everything, why not having smart weather monitoring, to automatically provide meaningful weather insights and make our lives better. This is what WaterView does, by developing groundbreaking technologies that look from a completely new perspective what everyone else considers a simple camera. By turning every camera into multivariable weather stations, WaterView indeed abate the costs for high spatial and temporal resolution weather monitoring, thus democratizing and delivering to you the power of weather big data.

Tecno System

Today Tecno System offers solutions that cover the entire life cycle of an electronic product: feasibility project’s analysis, engineering, industrialisation, certification, electronics’ production, finish products and systems realization and after sales services.


Since 1990 SAET challenges the electronic market, initially as a supplier for telecommunications companies. Through the years we enhanced our know-how in many different fields, like GPS, GPRS, Embedded Operating Systems. Now we propose ourselves as a strong partner to bring customer from the idea to the supply of the complete electric and electronic system

Lan Service

Lan Service was founded in 1991, our head office is based in Piedmont. It operates in the ICT sector with emphasis on development, technical support and security of network based distributed systems and specialized in Management and Consolidation of complex and critical architectures.  Our staff of over 40 employees, the ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification and our experience enables Lan Service to offer itself to other companies as a trusted partner for Information System development.