Poleecy is a start-up operating in the field of Instant Insurance. Offre micro-polizze basate su immediatezza, economicità e breve durata. The Roman insurtech wants to ensure that customers can take out an insurance policy wherever they are, whenever they need it, using the digital channel and thus providing an immediate response to the customer’s need for security.

The company leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to find the best solutions for each customer, and thus underwrite contracts easily, quickly and intuitively through the use of smart contracts, the digitised smart contracts.


Adamantic, The Blockchain solution for a cooperative and secure IoT ecosystem.
Adamantic, as an innovative Startup, offers solutions that make the use of technology fluid and fast, for any type of business. Since 2017 we have made the adoption of the blockchain simple and safe in all business contests. Apart from traditional technology Adamantic develops blockchain projects , DLT, IoT, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration.
Adamantic team is made by specialized resources, with a common passion for research and development in the Blockchain sector. The headquarters is located in the Prati area of ​​Rome and in the Centro Direzionale in Naples.
For over 20 years in the IT world, with a special area dedicated to the Research and Development of high-performance technologies and innovation, Adamantic has carefully selected senior developers and designers who can give vent to their passion for the practical application of the latest technologies
Inserted in an industrial ecosystem, it is strongly engaged in high-profile dissemination and training activities.
The ability to do research and development on cutting edge technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain, makes Adamantic passionate and determined to innovate even with its own solutions dedicated to the enterprise market.
Internal research led STARK Data Chain, our blockchain solution for companies. Adamantic intent is to transfer processes -like data certification- on the blockchain, without the need of highly specialized staff and without the need to develop blockchain solutions from scratch.


ChainLab (SAFU SRL) is an innovative startup that deals with strategic consulting and development in the web3 field.

Among the various services offered, ChainLab deals with business model, tokenomics and creation of documentation (WP, LP, pitch deck), specific community building for crypto and NFT projects and development of smart contracts.


Notarify is one of the leading international Blockchain services providers, with a network of thousands of clients and presence in several countries.

We provide a complete solution for managing the entire document lifecycle, from archiving to signing, from sharing to payment.

Notarify is committed to supporting its customers’ growth through unique solutions that combine high performance, predictable costs, and customization options while fully respecting data sovereignty.

We believe in collaboration and sharing.
We promote an unprecedented synthesis of ethics, trust, sustainability and new technologies.
Our mission is to develop alternative services through apps based on decentralized algorithms to make life and business safer and more efficient.

What problems do we want to solve?
– The waste of resources and time, which costs 9 trillion globally;
– legal disputes over non-compliance with contract terms or signature repudiation, which weigh 870 million euros on corporate coffers;
– cyber attacks, which impact 6 trillion euros;
– fragmented processes and poor user experience result in 88 percent of cases in the loss of the customer. In the world of finance alone, the damage is 480 million euros.

Restyling with a Web3 perspective
Notarization on 5 blockchains, including the new “Notarify Hybrid Blockchain; Cloud storage with protection for disaster recovery; 3 different Electronic Signatures, including Video-Biometric Signature, which thanks to Artificial Intelligence guarantees identity. End-to-End Encryption and Tokenization for decentralization of every file and digital twin in NFT format; Payments directly from the platform, including in Crypto and with Lightning Network; Dynamic form generator to manage your contracts on ready-to-use templates; Integrations with e-Government systems and Qualified Signatures, Electronic Storage (only for custom versions)

Alten Italy

ALTEN Group, European leader in consulting for advanced technologies in the engineering and ICT field, is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and has more than 45,000 employees in more than 30 countries worldwide. In Italy ALTEN is present throughout the country with more than 3.350 employees and offices located in several Italian cities, including Milan, Gallarate, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Padua, Rome and Turin. ALTEN offers to the market services related to the world of engineering, information technology, telecommunications and life sciences, with several centers of excellence including: digital transformation, business intelligence, testing, training (ALTEN Academy), ITSM, IoT, hw, embedded sw, quality and CSV. The strength of ALTEN is based on the competence and professionalism of technical and managerial profiles, which are selected and trained with structured paths and replicated within the ALTEN Academy, which provides training and certification courses to the outside world.

Scaling Parrots

Are you looking for innovative solutions to grow and enhance your business?

Welcome to Scaling Parrots, an innovative SME founded in 2018, offering tailor-made blockchain consulting and development services for your company’s needs. We understand that every business faces unique challenges, and that’s where we come in. Our team of blockchain experts will guide you through the research and development process, providing customized web3 solutions to maximize the potential of blockchain technology.

At Scaling Parrots, we believe that blockchain is more than just a buzzword. It is a powerful tool for scaling and improving business operations. With our expertise, we offer solutions for key sectors such as fintech, web3, DeFi, industry 4.0, real estate, supply chain, token economy, energy and CO2, gaming, 3D art, and digital assets, helping companies seize the opportunities offered by blockchain.

But we don’t stop there. We have also launched our Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, including blockchain notarization and certification. Our SaaS services ensure the security, integrity, and traceability of your documents and data, simplifying management and safeguarding your information securely and efficiently. We are passionate about helping companies achieve success with blockchain technology. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of service by delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs, from UX/UI prototyping to project development and launch.

Are you ready to grow your business with the power of blockchain technology? Contact us today to discover how Scaling Parrots can help your company scale in the new digital era.


AWorld Srl SB is a startup and benefit corporation that developed an innovative sustainability-centered solution that brings together education, engagement, impact measurement and behavioral change.
The startup’s activities are primarily focused on the AWorld Platform project, a solution built on a serverless technological infrastructure based on microservices.

The company developed its own methodology called IMPACT ENGAGEMENT ™ that allows companies and institutions to inform, educate, track and encourage stakeholders (clients, employees, citizens, students, public) on environmental, social, economical and personal sustainability topics, promoting the creation of a sustainability culture.

The mother product is “AWorld in Support of ACTNOW”, a mobile application developed according to the Impact Engagement Methodology (Awareness, Engagement, Impact) that was chosen by the United Nations as the official app in support of ACT NOW, the global campaign against climate change. The app guides people towards a more sustainable lifestyle by using gamification techniques that create a community and by measuring the positive impact of actions.


Trackysat’s point of reference has always been the development and maintenance of its technological know-how.
Since 2007 Trackysat has developed and offered satellite tracking systems by managing integrated services for the optimization of activities and the reduction of costs for corporate fleets.
In 2018 is born a new business-unit specialized in the creation of solutions for the traceability of agri-food chains, TrackyFood.
TrackyFood’s targets are not only for producers and retailers, but all the stakeholders of the agri-food chains. The platform provides a series of interfaces capable of acquiring data from the entire supply chain through innovative and modular methods (web access, sensor integration, connection with management systems, etc.).
Technological evolution and the use of innovative solutions want to remain Trackysat’s competitive advantage even in this new scenario.
With this focus, TrackyFood presents an important innovative element: all traceability data and documents entered into the system can be notarized with the Blockchain technology, integrated with the platform.
Trackysat’s innovation doesn’t stop with the TrackyFood solution; thanks also to blockchain technology, other innovative services have been developed and are constantly evolving for the world of Fleet Management, boating and business process certifications.

AB Innovation Consulting

AB Innovation Consulting is the strategic partner of startups and SMEs for building and developing processes for data processing, GDPR compliance, participation in funding calls, new blockchain technologies and data strategy management.

BTCP – Bitcoin People

Bitcoin People is a project by BTCP srl, start ups born in 2019 in the garden of the talent of breast at. We develop vertical software on the Bitcoin protocol. The solutions range from the development of non-custodial exchange members allemme anti-money laundering to a non-custodial payment processor per company. Over time we have developed wide skills in integration between blockchain-based systems and legacy systems