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Atroona is the software platform that provides effective support for weather-based decision-making processes. Thanks to its WheatherCAM technology, ordinary surveillance cameras become intelligent weather monitoring tools, bringing weather intelligence into the control rooms of infrastructure managers and road networks.

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All companies and public bodies that manage complex infrastructures with a significant territorial extension need to manage the weather to react quickly, economically and safely to ordinary and extreme weather conditions, prevent damage, improve the user experience of their users , ensuring the safety of people and infrastructure.




Taking advantage of the capillarity of already existing video surveillance networks, WeatherCAM & Atroona allow to collect information in real time on meteorological events also very localized, such as intense rainfall, snowfall, hail, fog banks. Municipalities, road administrations and energy managers can be immediately operational thanks to limited investments, easy implementation and use, compliance with rules and regulations.


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Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Public Administration

Transportation / Logistics


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