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Skedia is the software designed for companies that have to manage daily interventions in the field by their operators. It was created to manage social welfare activities, but can be applied to various activities carried out by a cooperative.

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Managing and organising day-to-day interventions and services for its workers can be difficult and complex in the social care environment and in work activities requiring remote badges in general.


Administrators and case managers can organise the calendar of operators and their appointments in a few simple steps. Customers and operators can also view and update the calendar. The solution includes billing and reporting via intuitive dashboards. Through a dedicated smartphone app, operators can view all their assigned tasks and activate them, recording the time spent and even physical geolocation. Problems are notified on the case manager app, e.g. if an operator is late, the user can be notified or an alternative solution can be found, such as calling another free operator.

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