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Roads Safety
Roads Safety
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A network of stations, or single sensors, to make road sections safe where continuous monitoring is required. Each station can include different monitoring sensors: from pure environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity, precipitation, etc.) to complex systems for visibility, air quality, securing specific points, etc.

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Roads Safety
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In a world where everything is constantly under control, roads, underpasses, highways, tunnels have not yet advanced control systems and with immediate transmission to the end user or to those who have the duty to control the various road points.

Often happens that only the end user who warns the inspection bodies for dangerous situations, particular events (eg. Flooded underpasses), or are marked after events (exemple: accidents).

With specific monitoring systems many potentially dangerous situations could be communicated to the end-user or made secure.




Typical sensors for road control (Weather stations, Visibilimeters, asphalt status, road underpass alarm systems and flood alarm stations

Typical sensors for tunnels (Lighting, Wind in tunnels, Air flow control systems for fires, fumes, gases, Visibility

High resolution weather forecast: the system can be integrated with Comai Meteosmit to obtain high resolution and timely weather forecasts.

Furthermore, Comai can integrate active monitoring systems into existing signs to help those who manage road maintenance.

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