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Ready-made platform for sustainability management integrated into the Organisation. Keystone manages the fulfilments foreseen by Dlgs. 254/2016, through a new paradigm based on the use of a digital model of “Sustainable Enterprise Risk Management” that allows the processing of all the phases of the management cycle of “sustainability” in the economic, environmental and social fields.

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Sustainability management processes in the economic, environmental and social spheres in all companies represent one of the critical success factors for the development of the companies themselves, capable of conferring a “quality” label identifying their products/services and technologies.



The integrated governance system (Risks & Sustainability) allows, in a structured and systemic way, the management of strategic and operational processes, facilitating the creation of an ecosystem around which the planning, management and control cycle revolves, aimed in particular at the analysis of non-financial risks (opportunities), which by their nature are strongly interconnected and involve different business functions.
The solution makes it possible to analyse and assess a combination of internal and external factors in which the needs of stakeholders can be identified, in order to attribute a relevance index representative of the “influence for stakeholders” and the “impact for the organisation”. It also allows to understand and identify the threats, opportunities (external factors) and weaknesses and strengths (internal factors) for each need through a SWOT analysis.

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