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Un servizio di supporto e consulenza completo per lo sviluppo di prodotti innovativi cleantech: Business model validation, R&D planning, IoT technologies, Blockchain, Cloud architectures, Machine learning, Software development, Fundraising, Waste regulatory issues, IP strategy.

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SMEs and start-ups that want to develop an innovative cleantech product face a number of management, technical and regulatory challenges that they do not always have the strength, expertise and experience to tackle on their own.


Kiwifarm combines technical, managerial and environmental (in particular waste) expertise with the experience of having conducted R&D projects and produced cleantech products, directly and on behalf of its customers, and a passion for contributing to projects that can improve our environment.

Application Markets

Aerospace Industry


Agrifood Industry

Art / Culture

Automotive Industry


Computing / TLC

Industry - Machinery

Industry Other

Textile / Clothing Industry

Transportation / Logistics

Travel / Tourism / Leisure


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