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CEM is the tool available both in Cloud and On-Prem to assess and optimise the degree of circularity and sustainability of your company through the monitoring and integrated calculation of some important indicators: energy consumption; Overall Equipment Effectiveness; resource productivity (material, energy and total); share of renewable energy; industrial waste and waste. Simplifying and automating measurements, minimising or eliminating the need for manual data entry, is achieved with CEM Manager!

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Making a tool available to companies to assess their degree of circularity and sustainability through a quantitative method that allows the assessment of the degree of circularity in relation to objectives and enables performance to be measured objectively and compared, for example, between different products or over time.




CEM makes available automatic data collection of production, waste control and energy source usage data, via IoT / Industry 4.0 technologies. The data collected from the plants is optionally supplemented by data from the company’s ERP / MES for the continuous calculation of selected and configured KPIs.

The KPIs and CEM Dashboards allow continuous, simple and easy-to-read monitoring and disclosure of the level of efficiency, sustainability and circularity achieved by the company.

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