TRA.QUA.S. wine

Regional Platform for the development of new technologies for the traceability of the quality and safety of Piedmontese fine wines

ICT’s Role

The role of 3a Srl was to propose a new traceability system for production information based on climate and environmental parameters that can integrate agri-meteorological information with chemical and physical analyses of the quality of grapes. The monitoring model generated will be able to evaluate factors that influence the grape and wine’s chemotype and, thus, their traceability.

The artificial intelligence and Machine Learning research team at UNIPMN’s IT department will contribute to identifying suitable techniques and IT models able to support the analysis and the intelligent interpretation of the data collected and produced.




24 Months


2.2 - R&D project

Partner altri poli




Project co-financed within the Innovation Poles of the Piedmont Region (POR FESR 2007/2013, Axis I, Activities I.1.3 - I Annual program for research and innovation projects and services)