Innovative embedded system, geographic and local real-time localization, ultra-precise identification and secure communication

The solution to the problem of ultra-precise locating aims to meet three very important requirements: reliability, a guarantee of service and precision. The device that this project intends to create will meet these requirements by combining two different kinds of technology: satellite locating and RTLS (Real-time Locating System) locating, using sensors based on UWB (Ultra WideBand) systems.

SRT LOCUPS will create a system able to take advantage of both types of technology and to send data concerning position in real time to a control system, using the appropriate communication channels. The project will not only analyse the requirements and study the most suitable locating algorithms, but most of all it will produce prototypes of receivers for satellite locating and locating sensors. In following the Internet of Things paradigm and approach, the two locating systems will work together and the transition from one to the other will take place in a controlled and managed way, but most of all in a totally automatic and transparent way for the end user.




24 Months


2.2 - R&D project

Project value

€ 1.102.000


Project co-financed within the Innovation Poles of the Piedmont Region (POR FESR 2007/2013, Axis I, Activities I.1.3 - II Annual program for projects and services for Research and Innovation)