BLockchain INclusive for digital citizenships


The project aims to create a Blockchain platform for the management of digital identities, data, transactions of value, involving the PA and operators of services for migrants. All the actors who come into contact with users will be able to insert certifications: from the identity title, to the training credit, to the endorsement, to the letter of recommendation that the migrant can show at his discretion, preserving their privacy and at the same time improving the potential of building trust and social inclusion.

Application markets

  • PA
  • Industry
  • Third sector




24 Months

Project value

€ 629.691


This project was included in the strategic research agenda 2016 of the ICT Innovation Pole, funded under the 2016 "Innovation Poles" Call, Line B, POR FESR 2014-2020 of Piedmont and carried out with the help of resources from the European Development Fund Regional (ERDF), the Italian State and the Piedmont Region.

Expected result

Implementation of a Blockchain-based software platform that can manage and certify information relating to migrants. Access to information will be through an APP, by the migrants themselves and by the network of operators, and volunteers. The development of the solution on Blockchain will also be addressed from an infrastructural point of view, methodological development and standardized deployment and to ensure the reliability of the software involved and the testing, replicability and distribution activities from a PRODUCT perspective.

Why is it innovative?

Blockchain technology makes it possible to move from an internet of data to an internet of values, promising an impact of innovation in the commercial sphere comparable to the impact that the web had on the ways of communicating and acquiring information. The project also intends to experiment with original solutions to a dramatic problem of great political and social importance, such as that of migrants.

Through the Blockchain we intend to structure technologies for trust, aimed at bridging the information gap that hinders the processes of inclusion of migrants, without leading to stigmatization or discrimination in the right to privacy.

Who uses it and how does it change people’s lives?

The frontend will be an APP available to migrants for the collection and sharing of documents and for the collection of endorsements on activities carried out and skills acquired.

The support network, made up of Acli, CAF, Patronati and volunteers, will have the opportunity to interact with the information that the migrant decides to share.

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