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The most flexible and easy-to-use solution for creating highly engaging interactive videos in minutes. In addition to the more traditional interaction options, the video can respond to the viewer’s facial expressions as they watch it, thanks to the service’s built-in Emotion AI.

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Only 9% of digital ads are watched for more than 1” (source: Marketing Week)

60% of clicks on banner ads are accidental (source: Media Week)

20% of videos are watched by bots (source: The Verge)

Moving 10,000 employees for 1 day to a training room costs €500K (source: P. Scappini, HR & Organisation Manager, Poste Italiane)




A new digital media equipped with an artificial intelligence engine that works exclusively on the client: it looks at you and adapts the content to your expression, attention, emotions, etc., creating engaging and effective experiences:

  • Engaging advertisements
  • Personalised and effective selection and training paths
  • … and much more

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