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Companies receive hundreds of e-mails from their customers every day, which need to be sorted and categorised by subject, to allow dedicated staff to efficiently and quickly. Mail classifier automates the sorting process. The solution includes Natural Language Process techniques to interpret the content of the mail and Machine Learning techniques to classify it correctly.

Provided by

CSI Piemonte
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The project started up from the collaboration between CSI and the Piedmont Region for the management of e-mails related to car vignettes. The regional offices usually receive a large amount of e-mails for the car vignette, from citizens and other bodies. The mails were manually sorted into fifteen different categories, which consumed a lot of time and resources.




Given the variety of content of these mails, CSI proposed a solution based on Machine Learning: using the history of previously classified mails to teach an algorithm to recognise new mails. The innovative approach proved to be correct and today the Mail Classifier is used profitably by the regional offices dealing with car tax certificates.

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