Sensore wifi-ipv6 per monitoraggio edilizio

The project aims to study the different kinds of inexpensive urban sensors (SIXSENSOR), based on the future IPv6 protocol, that should be self-configurable in public and private Wi-Fi areas. These sensors will allow us to measure and share data on the energy/environmental parameters of buildings in our cities.

This solution will also allow us to create an open metropolitan data network (MOEDA: Metropolitan Open Energy DAta), to encourage new approaches towards the responsible use of energy sources: from raising awareness among residents to public authority resource planning and the supervision of manufacturing and distribution companies. All of this starts with the knowledge and sharing of important data concerning the urban network.

New ‘SMART-CITY’ projects ‘ currently being examined by European and international governments, committees and organisations ‘ will have the primary aim of optimising and streamlining energy resources and reducing polluting emissions, in order to improve the quality of life in our large urban centres.

ICT’s Role

Pro Logic Informatica will be responsible for designing and producing a software system for SIXSENSOR modules. In particular, it will design and develop the high-level embedded software both for the self-powered environmental module and the powered energy module. Moreover it will share the Sensor’s HW and SW design phase with Monet and share the Sensor’s initial configuration and testing phase with Smart-e.


24 Months


2.1 - Feasibility studies

Partner altri poli



Project value

€ 128.000


Progetto cofinanziato nell'ambito dei Poli di Innovazione della Regione Piemonte (POR FESR 2007/2013, Asse I, Attività I.1.3 - III Programma annuale per i progetti e i servizi per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione)