The optimised management of flows and processes in the human resources sector is one of the aims that all companies and organisations share, regardless of their size and complexity. The system affected by the experiment will adopt Web 2.0 collaborative logic among the different players that work in the sector, in order to supply them with a Web-based platform ‘ made available through cloud computing ‘ for the exchange and integration into one sole repository of all kinds of information and documents (suitably standardised and compiled) concerning personnel, sent from different data sources and players.
Such a platform will allow the integration of supervision processes and the flow of information, optimising activities of data creation, management, exchange and sharing both in digital format and on paper.
It will be possible to digitise documents and possibly integrate them with metadata, in order to improve the efficacy and efficiency of a company’s management and data retrieval processes, even on an environmental level. The platform will integrate a messaging service for checking workflow and a videoconferencing solution designed to improve efficiency while offering cost savings as well as less environmental impact.
With this platform, every player ‘ whether he or she is just an employee, a company manager or a consultant ‘ will be able to see or handle data, if properly authorised, concerning an individual’s work or the work of the entire company organisation.


24 Months


2.2 - R&D project