MAps for Pervasive Learning Environments

Data results will be used as the basis for the realization of a “app builder”, a platform providing instruments and alternatives to generate playful-educational applications composed of different constituent elements (eg. Content, graphics and IT structure suitable for example for enhancement of territories with a still unexpressed tourism vocation.

It’s an opportunity to automatically generate a serious game that transform locations in real non-formal learning environments, both outdoor (eg. Cities, nature reserves, historic landscapes ….) Or indoor (eg. Sacred locations, museums, buildings). It is necessary to develop a pilot product permitting particular technical analysis. In a pilot phase, the project will analyze “war game development “, ie it will follow and reproduce the patterns game related to the great historical battles. Tthe goal will help keep the memory of places, strengthen the identity processes of citizens, carry instruments capable of activating new tourist circuits or currently underpowered.




10 Months


2.1 - Feasibility studies



Project value

€ 33.000


Project co-financed within the Innovation Poles of the Piedmont Region (POR FESR 2007/2013, Axis I, Activity I.1.3 - Call for Feasibility Studies 2013)