The CMMs currently on the market work thanks to a controller located near the machine and connected via electric and data cables. The concept of this project is to develop a remote controller based on wireless communication: an important innovation in the field of measurement instruments because, while the last decade has seen enormous improvements in terms of the level of precision of such measurements and their software interface, they have ‘ until now ‘ basically kept their original functional structure.

A remote wireless controller would allow us to take the first step towards the ‘Factory of the Future’ scenario, where various different kinds of devices are connected to a company network and work independently with the option of remote control. The structure of this controller could potentially be applied to other kinds of machine tools, widely used in the manufacturing industry.

Moreover this solution allows us to reduce the number of cables on the machine significantly, eliminating a CMM part that is particularly subject to wear and tear. At the same time, a reduction in the number of cables will allow us to save miles of copper cable for each machine, resulting in significant savings both from an environmental and an economic point of view.

This result would lead to achieving the project’s three main aims: the improvement of a company’s environmental performance, the improvement of the product’s quality and technological value and the reduction of production costs.


2.1 - Feasibility studies