Bioimpedance-based Home-monitoring System for Oncologic Patient

We intend to study the possible evolutionary design of a device capable of monitor the levels of bioimpedance in the tissues, with a sensitivity such as to identify even small variations of fluid, obtaining measurements that are precise, repeatable and executable in a short time be user-oriented record the detected measurements and generate alerts for the clinical area, in cases of significant deviations in the measurements.

An analysis of miniaturized electronic components and wearable and user-friendly devices on front-end software, dedicated to patients of any age, is essential for the study. The innovative scope of such a project is significant, since the necessary contents would be prepared for an evolution of wearable technology in the clinical-health field, for remote monitoring of patients with consequent reduction of hospitalization costs and an improvement in the quality of the life. The proposed study represents the basis for a “unique” device for monitoring the level of liquids in different districts and, following appropriate investigations of the pathologies, can be used in different clinical contexts such as orthopedic, cardiological or renal failure.




6 Months


2.1 - Feasibility studies

Project value

€ 13.732


Project co-financed within the Innovation Poles of the Piedmont Region (POR FESR 2007/2013, Axis I, Activity I.1.3 - Call for Feasibility Studies 2014)