NeosVoc is the original platform dedicated to innovation in market research and Voice of Customer and based on Artificial Intelligence.
Thanks to the use of the potential contained in new technologies, NeosVoc is able to collect all kinds of feedback and data useful for understanding customers and enriching the Customer Base, along all the different channels that make up the touchpoints between brand and customer, in full omnichannel perspective.
The platform is completed by a Customer Data Platform that allows the application of personalisation strategies for the offer, from a one-to-one perspective.
In addition to technological solutions, NeosVoc provides a team of experts in research, strategy, and marketing who support customers by guiding them in Digital Transformation and continuous improvement.
Among the distinctive features of the consultancy approach, NeosVoc offers psychographic profiling models, thanks to which each brand can build targeted strategies, customising not only the offer, but also the communication based on the personality of each customer.
In addition to Voice of Customer strategies, NeosVoc supports companies through activities of:
• Lead Generation & Contest;
• Customer Base Data Enrichment;
• Customer Profiling;
• Ad hoc market research;
• Brand awareness, positioning;
• Competitor Analysis;
• Voice of Employee;
• Voice of Patient.

Application fields

  • Agrifood
  • Automotive
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Digital media
  • Education and Training
  • Energy and Environment
  • Government
  • Mobility
  • Social Innovation


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