Logos Centro Studi

We design and create innovative, memorable and impactful learning experiences. We create communication and awareness events on complex issues. We involve, excite, capture attention and entertain: in companies, in universities and schools, in museums. We invented e-REAL to let you live immersive and interactive experiences both in “phygital” spaces and online, meeting avatars and facing situations created with artificial intelligence (www.e-real.net). And we created MirrorMe to let you explore dimensions that you usually can’t see: for example how your body works or what you would be like if you lived in another era or if you were a historical or fantastic character (www.mirrorme.info).
Human and artificial intelligence, digitalisation and extended reality (VR, AR, MR) are our points of reference, together with sustainability and social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.
We are a team of professionals who love to innovate, collaborate, get involved and invent tailor-made solutions that leave their mark. We are internationally recognized in several countries (especially the United States and Switzerland) for our reliability, goal orientation, sense of responsibility and competence. Our customers also consider us exceptional for our attention and ability to respond to their needs day and night, seven days a week (seeing is believing!).
To date we have managed more than 2000 projects, in 20 languages ​​and 85 countries, working with companies, international organizations and governments, administrative authorities and territorial development institutions, universities and highly specialized schools, business universities and simulation centers, museums , science and technology parks.
We were born in 1996 as an applied research center, between Turin and Caluso in Canavese where we build and test our prototypes and where we have an Innovation Lab inside an industrial warehouse where engineers, computer scientists, psychologists, educators, artists, blacksmiths, electricians and carpenters work together to explore, experiment, build our solutions. This is why today we are still called Centro Studi Logos (www.centrostudilogos.info), even though around the world they know us as Logosnet (www.logosnet.org). In Bologna we have an e-REAL laboratory that we developed with the Red Cross and the University to experiment both in the healthcare and organizational behavior fields. In Rome we have an office and a museum, that of Zoology, where we experiment with the most effective educational solutions for scientific museums. In Lugano we have another office and a multi-year collaboration with the University of Italian Switzerland to plan cultural events. Houston is where we have our headquarters and warehouse in the USA, in Washington DC we collaborate with George Washington University inside a truck that we helped build and which travels throughout Virginia to provide interactive STEM education, at the Harvard Center for Medical Simulation in Boston we have another e-REAL lab that we have developed for testing in both healthcare and organizational behavior across the Atlantic. Last but not least New York: the latest addition to our locations. What more to say? We know how to network with other centers of excellence, contributing to the development of smart partnerships and ecosystems. Tiny Bull Studios of Turin, Polytechnic and University of Turin, Bicocca University and Polytechnic of Milan, Red Cross of Bologna, University of Bologna, MIT and Harvard University in Boston, Extended Reality Corporation and Kaleidoscope Learning in New York, Stanford University, North Western University in Chicago, Montgomery College in Maryland and George Washington University in Washington DC are currently our main partners for the development of our solutions.

Strategic paths

  • [aree_tecnologiche] Advanced UI & UX
  • [traiettorie] Artificial Intelligence

Application fields

  • Culture and Tourism
  • Digital Transformation
  • Education and Training


Corso Torino 73, 10014, Caluso


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